At RevoluGROUP we know a thing or two about Online Travel. Millions of dollars are sold annually through our licensed travel division. RevoluVIP is the next plateau for us, welcoming VIP members to the world’s most exclusive Travel Club. With a planned membership of 1 million by 2020, RevoluVIP offers three levels of membership:

Diamond - $249 USD

Gold – $199 USD

Silver – $99 USD

How does it work?

The current travel industry, as experienced by consumers, is based upon offers of; Flights, Hotels, B&B´s, Tours, Attractions, Cruises, Car Rentals and Vacation Packages, published by wholesale GDS (Global Distribution System) suppliers who exclusively distribute to licensed travel retailers. The best known GDS suppliers are Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport. Much like supermarkets don’t manufacture the Kellogg’s cornflakes they sell, the travel industry, via consumer retail websites, simply display offers from wholesale GDS suppliers, incorporating their respective price mark-up. This means that the same offers are displayed across a myriad of travel websites, the only difference being; the price mark-up an individual website has added. Many consumers are unaware of this fact.

Imagine a scenario where consumers can book directly from the GDS wholesaler and that’s RevoluVIP

What’s in it for members?

Diamond members of RevoluVIP obtain the absolute lowest possible wholesale price for any given travel service. Gold members receive heavy discounts; in the range of 15-50% lower than standard retail travel websites. Silver members get 5-14% discounts. Membership is annual, with secure member login and, members can include multiple direct family members on one membership plan. RevoluPAY App users receive additional benefits when paying for travel services using their digital wallet.

Where can members book?

RevoluVIP is like no other travel retailer. Beyond being able to book worldwide travel services on the main webpage, RevoluVIP is deployed across country specific websites, covering 134 nations. So if you are traveling to the USA you’d use, or if you are visiting China, you’d use A complete list of country specific partner websites can be found here (see footer). Gone are the days when you spend hours scouring websites for country-specific travel offers. Simply visit that country VIP website and you will find every offer available in that nation on a single website, guaranteed. No other travel retailer places the focus on exactly where you want to go than RevoluVIP. For Diamond members, RevoluVIP is, quite simply, the world’s largest network of destination focused travel websites at the lowest prices.

World Online Travel Sales

Over 629 billion dollars was sold in 2019 by the online travel industry, generating billions in profits from their retail websites. As members of RevoluVIP, you’ll lead the charge as disruptors of this industry.

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