RevoluSEND is the world's most straightforward remittance platform allowing the sending of money transfer & remittances to 116 countries (2022) from the comfort of any electronic device. RevoluSEND enables money transfers to family and friends abroad through our RevoluPAY Apple & Android app with no hidden fees. It's fast, secure, and flexible to use.

A remittance is money sent to another party, usually one in another country. Remittances are an enormous source of income for developing nations. World Bank figures show that total annual remittance flows amounted to $702 billion in 2021, growing from $689 billion in 2020. More people are now choosing to live and work abroad. Therefore, many remittances are sent by people working and living abroad to family back home. For over a century, remittances have predominantly been sent from physical offices operated by a handful of multinational companies. Since the onset of COVID19, a seismic change is emerging in the $702 billion remittance industry, forcing those sending money back home to search for more convenient contactless methods to help their loved ones financially; RevoluSEND ticks all those boxes.

Benefits of sending remittances through RevoluSEND

  • Instant Remittances to an ever-growing number of countries
  • No more waiting in line or filling out forms to send
  • Send Money 24/7 via any Mobile Phone, Tablet, or PC
  • Instant beneficiary notification for immediate collection
  • Intuitive app-based map displays all collection points close to the receiver
  • Delivery Options: Local Bank Deposit, Cash Pickup, Mobile Money or Home delivery
  • Fast, secure, and easy to use with no hidden fees
  • Up to 25% cheaper than competitors
  • RevoluSEND is a PSD2 licensed financial institution
  • White label and Co-Branding available for partners

Remittance or money transfer professional? Start delivering money online or upgrade your current platform to our technology. RevoluSEND is available for white-label, API integration or co-branding deployment. Current white-label examples of our technology in action are Sendity and Million Bridges.

For even faster and easier future remittances, tell family members abroad to download the free RevoluPAY Apple & Android app and request the RevoluPAY VISA Card to withdraw upcoming remittances from any ATM or pay at any merchant accepting VISA. No more collecting cash on a timeline or visiting a bank teller across town. A family member in any country worldwide can begin to live in the 21st century with our free mobile banking app and linked Visa Card.

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