RevoluTRANSFER is an online money transfer service that allows customers to send money abroad at low FX rates in up to 50 different currencies. Contrary to traditional exchange services and banks, RevoluTRANSFER provides users with market leading advantages:

  • Specially negotiated Forex rates
  • Market leading financial partners and correspondents
  • 100% security
  • No hidden fees
  • Competitive transfer fees when compared to conventional banks
  • Send money to any bank account worldwide
  • Support for the RevoluREALTY and RevoluFIN platforms
  • Add larger amounts to your RevoluPAY e-Wallet

When sending money abroad, traditional banks and money exchange services often charge consumers with various hidden fees. These include service charges, unfavorable exchange rates and additional fees, or occasionally the sender is not even aware of the Forex rate applicable to the transaction. At Times, unbeknownst to the sender the exchange rate may deviate and thus increase the amount payable. Occasionally the sender is unaware of the Forex rate at the time of the transaction only to discover that the amount received in the foreign currency is short, causing inconveniences, contract issues or missed deadlines as they scurry to send supplementary funds to cover the shortfall.

Through often exorbitant fees, banks or exchange operators finance the bricks and mortar aspects of their business, obliquely financed in part by the senders of money abroad.

RevoluTRANSFER sets out to remedy these exact problems. We provide consumers with transparent forex rates and upfront fees that are always clear. Furthermore, the exchange rate of the bank transfer remains fixed, thus eliminating the scope for unfavorable rate changes.

RevoluTRANSFER is like mirrored marketplace, connecting people by matching up payments with those going the opposite direction. For example, suppose you want to pay for a retirement home in the United States in US dollars, but your home currency is not US dollar, instead you would like to pay with Canadian Dollars. RevoluTRANSFER connects your transaction with someone needing Canadian dollars who has US dollars. RevoluTRANSFER enables you to pay for your retirement home in USD and the counterparty can use your Canadian dollars to conduct equivalent transactions, getting rid of international money transfer fees and exorbitant bank Forex rates, while lowering fees and currency exchange losses. This scenario is applicable to over 50 of the world’s most popular currencies for transfers worldwide.

RevoluTRANSFER is the disruptive player in the international foreign currency money transfer market providing a “no-surprises” service.

Launched July 2022 

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