RevoluPAY® is our proprietary banking authorized mobile phone app and e-Wallet, allowing instantaneous payment and funds receipt worldwide using the Blockchain as an electronic ledger that can be shared among disparate users creating an unchangeable time-stamped record of transactions. RevoluGROUP: conceived, created and, owns the source code for RevoluPAY. Each digital record or transaction in the thread is stored in a block. Because blocks cannot be changed, and augmented by the additional protection of encryption, the data is immutable and inherently secure. Flexible architecture allows either an open or controlled set of users to participate in the electronic ledger. But one of the most powerful attributes of Blockchain is the ability to develop real-time systems that synchronize mass amounts of data.

RevoluPAY® enables app users to:

  • Receive remittances instantly from family, friends worldwide.
  • Pay at any store or commerce with a Near-field communication (NFC) POS
  • Transfer funds from/to the RevoluPAY e-Wallet to the RevoluPAY Visa Card
  • RevoluPAY® is accepted on all 613 RevoluVIP websites operated by Travelucion, a RevoluGROUP wholly owned Travel Company, allowing payment of tourism services
  • Allows Small businesses & Entrepreneurs to receive worldwide payments
  • Allows Small businesses & Entrepreneurs to accept credit, debit and ACH/Swift payments
  • Allows users to transfer their digital wallet funds to other RevoluPAY® app users
  • Allows tourists to collect currency at partner locations and banks affiliated with RevoluPAY
  • Allows tourists, intending to visit a destination, to add funds to their Revolupay® accounts for instant payments to local private businesses
  • Allows users to withdraw cash at RevoluPAY® approved local banks and other locations.
  • Exclusive Closed-Loop payment medium on RevoluGROUP wholly owned revenue verticals: RevoluVIP, RevoluCHARGE, RevolUTILITY, RevoluREALTY, RevoluFIN, RevoluMED, RevoluEGAME and RevoluESPORTS.
  • RevoluPAY® Registered in International Trademark & Patent offices of: USA, Canada, Europe, China, Russia, etc.

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