About RevoluGROUP

RevoluGROUP (TSX-V: REVO) is a multi-asset, multidivisional PSD2 Central Bank Licensed publicly traded Canadian company deploying advanced technologies in the; Online Travel, Vacation Forex, Money Remittance, Mobile Payment Apps, Mobile Phone Top-Up, Utility Bill Payments, Healthcare Payments, Egaming, Esports, Online Credits & Gifts Cards, Real Estate payments, Blockchain Security, Invoice factoring & alternative lending, and POS Merchant provider in the personal & corporate leisure sectors.

The company boasts a world-class management team who specialize in every sector and division the company has created. The overall objective is to define lucrative markets and build divisions, using specific management capabilities, which nurture increased and long-term revenue for the company. With 5 wholly owned subsidiaries on 4 continents, RevoluGROUP is growing rapidly.

The flagship technology is RevoluPAYRevoluPAY®, the Apple and Android multinational remittance app and app-linked Visa Card, powered by blockchain protocols and, aimed at the worldwide +$702 billion family remittance market. Through RevoluPAY®, app users hold a digital wallet with funds and can share these funds with family, friends and fellow app users around the world. RevoluPAY® serves as both a potent family remittance app and a payment receipt platform for entrepreneurs and small business owners, who generally are unable to obtain credit card merchant status. Like much of the disruptive technology we have seen over the past decade, RevoluPAY® proposes to empower individuals with a quick and efficient method to transact. There are currently 1.7 Billion unbanked citizens worldwide, RevoluPAY hopes to lower that number.

The company’s Multi-Vertical Fintech revenue division holds a Central Bank granted PSD2 Open Banking license, freely allowing it to expand into rapidly emerging segments, in which it; manages, operates and develops end-to-end digital Fintech platforms to monetize the financial ecosystem across a broad spectrum of leisure related industries and businesses.

RevoluGROUP Fintech Verticals

RevoluVIP the company's retail travel vertical, is a private, members only Travel Club, offering broad discounts, with all travel services payable via the proprietary RevoluPAY® app. RevoluVIP secure bookings are guaranteed by the wholly owned subsidiary Travelucion S.L, a duly licensed and bonded, online travel division, operating 614 websites selling travel in and, to, +130 countries. RevoluVIP Presentation

RevoluCHARGE vertical allows immediate pay-as-you go mobile phone top-ups worldwide, payable via the proprietary RevoluPAY® app. Launched 01 Nov 2018.

RevolUTILITY vertical allows immediate payment of utility bills worldwide, payable via the proprietary RevoluPAY® app. Launched July 2019.

RevoluREALTY vertical allows immediate payment of Real Estate related transactions, Forex settlement and, closing fees to multiple beneficiaries simultaneously, payable via the proprietary RevoluPAY® app. Launched August 2019.

RevoluEGAME Vertical leverages the RevoluPAY® proprietary Apple and Android App in the rapidly expanding sector of Online Video Gaming. The Egaming sector grossed $137.9 Billion USD in 2018. The company will offer both entire games and, play credits for +3000 of the most popular games worldwide. Launches 15 Dec 2019.

RevoluFIN Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary in Panama. RevoluFIN, through its banking partners, offers bridge loans and factoring to international corporations and. Launched Feb 2019.

RevoluSEND is the world's most straightforward remittance platform allowing the sending of remittances from the comfort of any electronic device. RevoluSEND enables money transfers to family and friends abroad through our RevoluPAY Apple & Android app with no hidden fees. It's fast, secure, and flexible to use. Remittances are an enormous source of income for developing nations. World Bank figures show that total annual remittance flows amounted to $702 billion in 2019, growing from $689 billion in 2018.

RevoluEX is a digital currency exchange (DCE) allowing RevoluPAY app users to covert +100 major cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, LTC, USDC, USDT, GUSD, PAX & PAXG into Fiat money for instant deposit into their RevoluPAY E-Wallet, and then use that money at over 53M VISA Merchants and +100M ATMs worldwide via their RevoluPAY VISA Card.

RevoluTRANSFER is an online money transfer service that allows customers to send money abroad at low FX rates in up to 50 different currencies. Contrary to traditional exchange services and banks, RevoluTRANSFER provides users with market leading advantages to transfer currency across borders.

RevoluPOS is a POS ("Point of Sale") platform linked to RevoluPAY available for Apple & Android devices, enabling anyone to accept digital payments worldwide. Designed primarily to bring the developing world into the 21st century, RevoluPOS also appeals to small businesses in developed nations who wish to diversify payment acceptance.

RevoluMED Vertical leverages the RevoluPAY® proprietary Apple and Android App for: Healthcare Appointment Scheduling, RX Payment, Pharmacy Payments, Medical Insurance, Insurance COPAY and, other financial aspects related to the Healthcare industry as whole. According to data from the World Health Organization, the 163 countries they compile data for spend over 253 Trillion USD annually on HealthCare, annual world spending is estimated to approach 370 Trillion USD. Launch Q1 2021.

RevoluESPORTS Vertical leverages the RevoluPAY® proprietary Apple and Android App in the rapidly expanding sector of eSports. Global esports revenues will hit $1.1 billion in 2019, up 27 percent since last year amid ballooning revenues from: game credits, advertising, sponsorship and media rights to competitive video gaming competition sports using mobile and console video games. Esports tournaments are a significant factor in the video game industry, the company will gear RevoluPAY toward this professional esports subculture. Launch Q2 2021.

Travel Division

Travelucion, operating under the trade name RevoluVIP, is a duly licensed and bonded online travel company, Amadeus GDS and IATA certified travel powerhouse, that specializes in travel marketing, electronic reservations and online booking solutions, all exclusively payable using the proprietary RevoluPAY app. Travelucion is the official travel supplier to the company’s RevoluVIP Private Travel Club Members. Travelucion controls a vast portfolio of web assets consisting of 614 websites covering +130 of the world’s most visited countries and, destinations, published in up to 5 languages, which generate over 60 million page-views per year and, direct web-traffic to Travelucion's XML enhanced online booking and e-commerce sites and, Constellation Software subsidiary Juniper powered online booking systems. RevoluVIP offers bookings of: hotels, B&Bs, cruises, car rentals, tours, flights and a variety of other types of specialized travel services as well. Over the years, European domiciled Travelucion has serviced hundreds of thousands of customers booking travel, creating an exceptional revenue stream.

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