RevoluEX is a digital currency exchange (DCE) allowing RevoluPAY app users to convert +100 major cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, LTC, USDC, USDT, GUSD, PAX & PAXG into Fiat money for instant deposit into their RevoluPAY E-Wallet, and then use that money at over 53M VISA Merchants and +100M ATMs worldwide via their RevoluPAY VISA Card.

RevoluEX converts your Crypto Instantly into the currency of your RevoluPAY E-Wallet. Easily spend your RevoluPAY balance at Over 53M Visa Merchants worldwide, withdraw Fiat cash worldwide, use one of the many RevoluPAY Consumer Platforms or transfer your RevoluPAY funds to another RevoluPAY user from your contact list. It's never been easier to use cryptocurrencies in your everyday life.

At RevoluEX, we're obsessed with security, so you don't have to be. Your cryptocurrency is converted to Fiat in complete security through blockchain technology by one of the world's largest digital currency exchanges (DCE) and instantly deposited into your RevoluPAY E-Wallet to make purchases, withdraw cash or transfer the funds right away.

RevoluEX Advantages

  • Instant conversion of +100 cryptocurrencies to Conventional Fiat
  • Conversion by internationally compliant digital currency exchange (DCE)
  • Instant deposit of the Fiat proceeds into your RevoluPAY app
  • Instant in-app Transfer to your RevoluPAY Visa Card
  • Withdraw Cash Worldwide with your RevoluPAY VISA Card
  • Exchange Crypto to spend at all the numerous RevoluPAY Platforms
  • Earn RevoluPAY rewards when converting from Crypto to Fiat

The current RevoluPAY VISA Card is the last generation with Chip, PIN, and contactless that you can have both in plastic and virtually. The plastic version has NFC technology. Launch Q4 2020



Disclaimer: Neither RevoluGROUP nor any of its subsidiaries permit the purchase, trading, or exchange of cryptocurrencies. All unidirectional cryptocurrency conversions to Fiat are processed by an internationally compliant digital currency exchange (DCE). All resulting Fiat currency proceeds are remitted to RevoluPAY by the DCE for the final credit to the registered RevoluPAY app user.

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