RevoluPOS is a POS ("Point of Sale") platform linked to RevoluPAY available for Apple & Android devices, enabling anyone to accept digital payments worldwide. Designed primarily to bring the developing world into the 21st century, RevoluPOS also appeals to small businesses in developed nations who wish to diversify payment acceptance.

RevoluGROUP has identified a burgeoning and untapped sector consisting of small to medium-sized businesses excluded from the current digital payment cycle. Whether these be tiny market-stall traders in underdeveloped nations, a corner coffee shop on Mainstreet, or village convenience stores, many small business owners cannot obtain or local banks are not interested in providing electronic payment mechanisms. The exclusion of these small but crucial businesses from the modern financial system is prejudicial to society—those nations' economies in which this unwritten restriction is most prevalent stand to suffer. RevoluPOS is a free downloadable Apple & Android app that enables anyone to begin receiving electronic payments. Most importantly, through analogous Fintech verticals of RevoluGROUP, spend, transfer, self-remit, or otherwise make use of the monies received during their daily commercial activities. The world is racing towards a cashless society, especially during the recent COVID pandemic. A means to allow integration of even the most impoverished into the digital world is now imperative.

Benefits of RevoluPOS

  • Free downloadable Apple & Android app
  • Instantly process electronic payments from other RevoluPAY app users
  • Instantly receive electronic payments from RevoluPAY remittance beneficiaries
  • Instantly receive payments on a website
  • App-to-App NFC and Bluetooth enabled for locations with patchy internet
  • Process any credit/debit card
  • In conjunction with RevoluEX, receive Cryptocurrency payments
  • Transfer RevoluPAY e-wallet monies to suppliers for goods or services
  • Distribute payments to employees or staff
  • Withdraw funds at any ATM (RevoluPAY VISA Card required)
  • Top-Up pay-as-you-go mobile phones
  • Buy software, game credits, or pay utility bills

Coercing these groups of society to enter the digital age will pay dividends over the longer term, and RevoluGROUP plans to actively distribute RevoluPOS within key communities where there are already significant inflows of remittances through RevoluPAY and RevoluSEND Launch Q4 2020.

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