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RevoluGROUP subsidiary Travelucion S.L is a licensed and bonded travel company located in the Canary Islands.

The Canary Islands were chosen as the base for Travelucion for several economically fundamental reasons. The Canary Islands, as a province of Spain, are part of the European Union, however, Canary Island based companies are exempt from European VAT (Value added tax) obligations, which in some member states, exceeds 25%. Cross border taxes are levied at source; therefore, the Canary Islands are one of only two jurisdictions from which products and services can be sold to citizens within the European Union, without the addition of VAT. This provides Travelucion with a major pricing advantage over travel providers domiciled in other member states, thus lowering prices and augmenting the company’s competiveness. A price disparity of up-to 25% is huge in the online travel realm. Furthermore, the European Union has some of the most stringent licensing and bonding laws in the world, providing consumers with bonded protection of up to 1 million Euros. Travelucion is a licensed and bonded European (OTA) Travel Retailer operating under European Law, providing the utmost worldwide protection for consumers, while at the same time benefiting from its geographic location and, Inter-European exemptions on VAT.

The company sought and received accreditation from: IATA, Amadeus, Constellation Software & Juniper and, over 120 worldwide wholesale suppliers to create the unique RevoluVIP Travel Club which, to the company’s knowledge, is the first travel club of its type in the world. Members, depending upon the level of affiliation, can achieve close-to net-rates on most worldwide travel services. The worldwide travel industry is largely considered a trillion-dollar industry and, consumers seek the lowest possible price for a given offer or service. RevoluVIP responds to that desire in a concerted and, forthright manner. As a proprietary vertical of RevoluGROUP, RevoluVIP, like every other vertical, requires the use of the proprietary RevoluPAY app for consumer financial interaction with the vertical. This closed-loop theme is the de-facto methodology of the company, across all platforms and verticals.

Key fundamentals of REVO Verticals like RevoluVIP

  • Exclusive - Closed Loop Environment
  • Finance - Proprietary Banking Licensed Payment App
  • Locked - Minimal external involvement beyond wholesale suppliers
  • Revenue - Multiple Verticals that respond to massive Trillion-dollar market needs
  • Versatile - Cross-use verticals allowing consumers to shop for vital services with one supplier
  • Multipurpose – Same payment app, varied real-life personal solutions.

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